Is BMW G 310 RR better than TVS Apache RR 310?

BMW G 310 RR
Image Credit: BMW Motorrad

The BMW G 310 RR is an unexpected motorcycle. G 310 RR is essentially a re-badged TVS Apache RR 310 but there are some changes that BMW has made to differentiate this motorcycle.

The first differences that are going to be apparent to any buyer are appearance and price. This BMW sports all the same bodywork as the Apache but it covers the body panels in new colors and graphics.

BMW G 310 RR Vs TVS Apache RR 310: Performance

When it comes to performance it comes as no surprise that the two RRs from the two companies feel extremely similar and that’s because they’ve got the same hardware and the same software. BMW G 310 RR has the same 312CC liquid cool engine that comes with the four riding modes that you get on the Apache RR 310 as well. The G 310 RR feels like a reasonably quick and responsive motorcycle but it also comes with a high rpm buzziness. The snatchy and aggressive throttle response in the two higher riding modes is also carried over from the TVS.

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The Apache’s sweet handling characteristics have also been carried over. So the G 310 RR is a sharp quick steering motorcycle that feels agile and light on its feet. It’ll take a capable rider to find the limits of these Pilot Street tires in the dry but as soon as the surface is wet most riders will find the grip from these Michelins to be in limited supply.

BMW G 310 RR Vs TVS Apache RR 310: Chassis

There are more differences when it comes to the chassis package but unfortunately, not all of the changes are in BMW’s favor. Perhaps the biggest difference here compared to the Apache is that in the BMW’s version, you get Michelin Pilot street tires as opposed to the excellent Michelin Road fives that you get on the Apache for everyday use. These pilot streets are adequate but this is a sports bike and when you start trying to extract some performance out of it, these tires just can’t match up to the road vibes when it comes to feeling or grip both wet and dry.

Image Credit: TVS

One more difference in the area of the chassis is the breaks. The sizes are the same but the beamer gets conventional brake rotors compared to the petal discs on the Apache RR 310.

Suspension is an area of both similarity and difference. The stock setup in BMW G 310 RR is exactly the same as the stock setup on the standard Apache RR 310 but the TVS gives you the optional kit that gives you greater suspension adjustability and that isn’t available in the G 310 RR. This is quite a comfortable and composed motorcycle at most times.

BMW G 310 RR Vs TVS Apache RR 310: Features

Considering the more premium placement of this bike you’d expect BMW to maybe throw in an extra feature or two but it’s actually the TVS that comes off as the better-equipped motorcycle among the two. They’re quite identical on most counts in this area but while the G 310 RR does get the TFT display and all the information that it shows it misses out on Bluetooth connectivity which the TVS gives you as standard.

What do you actually get with BMW G 310 RR?

First, there’s the BMW key and then you have the specialized BMW graphic that shows every time you start the TFT screen. The BMW has always had great build quality and finish levels. The materials have all been very pleasing and it’s a very well-put-together motorcycle. It feels perfectly appropriate for a BMW at this price point.

Who should buy the BMW G 310 RR?

The BMW G 310 RR is a bike that’ll cater to a very specific sort of buyer one to whom brand value is very important. Perhaps even more so than the riding experience. Considering that it’s less capable in the Apache and yet more expensive. Arguably its biggest asset is the badge on the fairings. Very few know that it is just a rebadged version of TVS Apache RR 310 but to the vast majority of people out there, this is a very sporty and striking-looking BMW motorcycle.

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