Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro, what does it has in 2024?

2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro in ASH GREY / INTENSE ORANGE
Pic Credit: Triumph

The 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro stands as a testament to Triumph’s dedication to producing versatile and robust adventure motorcycles. It is designed for both rugged off-road escapades and smooth on-road journeys. This model has garnered attention for its performance, features, and overall value. Here’s an in-depth look at what the 2024 Tiger 900 Rally Pro brings to the table.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro Design and Aesthetics

The Rally Pro Edition of Tiger 900 sports a design that balances rugged functionality with modern elegance. It features a lightweight yet durable frame, with a striking appearance characterized by sharp lines and aggressive styling. The bike comes in several color options, allowing riders to choose a look that best fits their personality. High-mounted dual exhausts, hand guards, and a sump guard underline its off-road capability.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro: Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Tiger 900 Rally Pro is a 888cc inline three-cylinder engine. This powerplant delivers 94 horsepower at 8,750 rpm and 64 lb-ft of torque at 7,250 rpm. It provides ample power for both highway cruising and off-road adventures. The engine is designed to offer a broad torque curve, ensuring strong performance across a wide range of riding conditions.

Suspension and Handling

One of the standout features of the Tiger 900 Rally Pro is its suspension system. It is equipped with Showa 45mm upside-down forks at the front and a Showa monoshock at rear. Both are fully adjustable. The bike is capable of handling rough terrain with ease. With 240mm of travel at the front and 230mm at the rear, the suspension ensures a smooth ride even on the most challenging trails.

The bike’s handling is further enhanced by its lightweight frame and optimized geometry. This makes it surprisingly nimble for an adventure bike of this size. The Tiger 900 Rally Pro remains composed and responsive both on the tight corners of the mountain road and tight packed traffic.

Technology and Features

Triumph has equipped the 2024 Tiger 900 Rally Pro with a suite of advanced technologies to enhance the riding experience. The bike features a 7-inch TFT display that provides all the necessary information at a glance, including speed, RPM, fuel level, and navigation. The display is customizable and easy to read in various lighting conditions.

Key technological highlights include:

  • Ride Modes: Five riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport, Off-Road, and Rider-configurable) allow riders to tailor the bike’s performance to their preferences and the riding conditions.
  • ABS and Traction Control: Cornering ABS and traction control provide enhanced safety and stability, especially when riding on unpredictable surfaces.
  • Cruise Control: Ideal for long-distance touring, the cruise control system reduces rider fatigue.
  • Heated Grips and Seat: For added comfort in colder climates, the heated grips and seat ensure that riders stay warm.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Long-distance comfort is a crucial aspect of any adventure bike, and the Tiger 900 Rally Pro excels in this area. The ergonomically designed seat is adjustable, allowing riders to find the perfect height for their needs. The bike also features a spacious and upright riding position, which reduces strain on the rider’s back and wrists during extended journeys.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro Off-Road Capability

True to its name, the Rally Pro version of the Tiger 900 is built to handle off-road challenges. The bike comes with tubeless spoked wheels, which are more resilient on rough terrains and easier to repair in case of a puncture. The 21-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel combination is ideal for off-road stability and control.

Price and Availability

The 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro is positioned competitively in the adventure bike market. As of 2024, the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro is priced at approximately ₹15.95 lakhs in India (ex-showroom). Its blend of performance, technology, and versatility justifies its price, making it a strong contender against rivals like the BMW F850GS and the KTM 890 Adventure R. As of its release, the Tiger 900 Rally Pro is available at Triumph dealerships worldwide, with pricing details varying by region.


The 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro is an outstanding adventure motorcycle that offers a perfect blend of power, comfort, and off-road capability. Its advanced technology, robust engine, and thoughtful design make it an excellent choice for riders seeking a bike that can handle both the daily commute and the most challenging trails. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or new to the world of adventure riding, the Tiger 900 Rally Pro is sure to impress with its performance and versatility.

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