Automakers Give Social Media Apps to Drivers on the Road

Social media apps like tiktok and zoom is being offered in Mercedes Benz USA

Apps for social media seem to be everywhere these days, and they are now available as part of the infotainment system in new cars.

In February, Mercedes-Benz said its 2024 E-Class will accompany a superscreen framework that gives worked-in admittance to pop diversion applications like Furious Birds, Zoom, and TikTok, among others.
Clearly, the celebrated German automaker doesn’t believe that its clients should utilize the applications while driving and has made the applications available just when the vehicle is left. Once stopped, Mercedes likewise permits the utilization of an implicit camera so the driver can watch TikTok, yet post too.

A senior executive at Mercedes gave a major hint as to why Mercedes thought this was a good idea and why things like easy TikTok access are included in new vehicles. He said, “It is highly, highly relevant,” CEO Ola Källenius was widely quoted as saying about TikTok.” In China, S-Class owners are typically younger than 40 years old.

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When we choose all these different apps, we go market by market or region by region,” he added. “We look at what is the most used — music or film [and] so on — and we tried to go down that list.”

Although giving the driver access to apps may be popular in China, vehicles with the same infotainment system are also sold elsewhere, such as in the United States. On the Mercedes system, the apps can only be used for parking, but a driver monitoring system will be able to track where the driver is looking.
What’s more, where Mercedes-Benz goes could other extravagance vehicle producers at any point be a long way behind? No. At about a similar time, Volkswagen reported it has the ability to offer comparable applications to its clients.


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