2021 Lincoln Navigator the highlights that make it a truly luxurious badge.

  • Has very high-end styling and designing.
  • Sets the standard of luxury very high.
  • Powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. 
2021 Lincoln Navigator
Image credit: Lincoln

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator is a luxurious SUV. This beast could easily accommodate eight passengers. It has a very high-end styling, design, and appearance. This car sets the bars of luxury very high. It looks very sleek and attractive and the navigator stands out very well in a crowd.

2021 Lincoln Navigator

Engine & Performance

The Lincoln Navigator equips a single-engine. Powered by a twin-turbocharged, V6, 3.5-liter engine, the 2021 Navigator delivers a max power of 450 hp and a peak torque of 510 lb-ft. It is very responsive and gives genuine speed. The engine acts as a true powerhouse.

To attract more customers, an optional Heavy Duty Trailer Tow Package is offered to them. This package includes many premium and responsive features like heavy duty radiator, four pin and 7 pin connectors, trailer sway control and trailer brake controller. An electronic traction assist, pro trailer backup assist, smart trailer tow connector, a class four trailer, two speed transfer case and a slow climb driving mode is also included.

2021 Lincoln Navigator in pristine white

Suspension & Transmission

The Lincoln Navigator has a 10-speed select shift automatic transmission. This automatic transmission helps in very smooth and quick gear shifts. An auto-hold option is offered. In case you need to hold your vehicle at stop signs, signals, or other breaking situations, then this option will help you bring your vehicle to a standstill. The adaptive suspension controls help your vehicle to go up and down movement in a very smooth manner. Five standard selectable drive modes are offered to control this system. The drive mode includes- Slippery Mode, Excite Mode, Conserve Mode, Deep Conditions Mode, Normal Mode, and Slow Climb Mode.

Exterior & Design

Whenever the Lincoln Navigator detects your key fob within our detectable range, the auto-fold side view mirrors will project the Lincoln logo with a virtual mat for welcome on the ground below the front doors. The front door handle will also glow, along with the illumination of the front and rear running lamps. Whenever you enter the car and close the doors, the side view mirrors will automatically fold out. This feature will protect the side mirrors in case of an accident. Whenever you enter or exit the car the running boards will extend and illuminate. This will act as greet to the passengers.

Interior & luxury inside

Lincoln Navigator luxurious elements inside

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The Lincoln Navigator has the combination of ease, comfort and luxury for all its passengers. The second row seats has the option of, one touch tilt and slide power hold. The third row has the option of power reclining power fold. The Lincoln Navigator has a super spacious cabin. It has a very flexible cargo room. All the three rows of sitting have access to 6 smart charging USB, four 12 Volt ports and AC power outlets. The front seats are perfectly positioned. For more comfort, active motion massage, 11 independent air cushions, heating and ventilating independent thigh extenders are provided.

The Lincoln Navigator has a 10 inch center touch screen infotainment system. It gives access to navigation, seat changing settings and many more other helpful features.

Lincoln Navigator Panoramic sunroof

The Lincoln Navigator is very magnificently designed and styled. Navigator has a Panoramic Vista Roof that gives the passengers of 2nd and 3rd-row seats the joy of the same landscapes as the front row does. It gives all the passengers inside the cabin a very exotic and luxurious feeling. The Lincoln Navigator has a very attractive and eye-catching Illuminated grille. 

Lincoln Navigator Safety

The Lincoln Navigator includes many safety features in its safety net. It includes safety features like:

  • Standard blind-spot monitoring system. 
  • Traffic alert for Rear Cross. 
  • Emergency braking.
  • Pedestrian detection. 
  • Adaptive cruise control. 

2021 Lincoln Navigator variants, colors, & price

The Lincoln Navigator offers a very vibrant color scheme. It includes vibrant colors like- Signature Navy, Flight Blue, Infinite Black, Burgundy Velvet, Green Gem, Asher Gray, Silver Radiance, Ceramic Pearl and Pristine White. 

2021 Navigator comes in 5-variants. Reserve L and Black Label L have a longer wheelbase than other variants. The higher variant contains all the features of the preceding variant. So, you do not miss out on any features of the lower variant.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Variants and price

  • Standard $76,705
  • Reserve $82,490
  • Reserve L $85,715
  • Black Label $98,655
  • Black Label L $101,855

The Lincoln Navigator has a super spacious cabin with a very high-end appearance and styling. Many premium features are added, making it more appealing but it is too pricey. It goes up against Cadillac Escalada and Lexus LX. 

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