Hamilton breaks Schumachar’s record and writes history again

Lewis Hamilton Breaks Schumacher's record

Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula 1 driver ever. The Briton has won seven world championships, won 103 Grand Prix, and held pole position on a similar number of occasions. In addition, Hamilton was successful in securing 192 podium positions. The Mercedes driver has established his place in history with these numbers.
Hamilton is once more making history as a result of his podium finish in Australia. He managed to finish at least once in the top three for the 17th season in a row. He passed the equally legendary Michael Schumacher, who has been successful for Mercedes, Ferrari, and Benetton in the past.

Hamilton has been hoping for a long time for another victory at the Grand Prix. In 2021, Saudi Arabia was his last victory. After a late overtaking move by Max Verstappen during the final race in Abu Dhabi, he lost the win and the title, as is well known. Hamilton’s teammate George Russell managed to win the season before him. He was Brazil’s strongest person.

Mercedes started behind Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin in the current season. The team appeared to have made significant progress in Melbourne, and Hamilton finished second, ahead of Fernando Alonso.

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