SSC Tuatara sets new world record of 316mph top speed

SSC Tuatara is now world’s fastest car


  • SSC Tuatara created history with achieving an average top speed of 316mph (508.5kmph).
  • SSC Tuatara attained 331.15mph (532.9kmph) highest speed ever on a public highway.
  • Oliver Webb attempted a pair of runs in opposite direction with top speed of 301.07mph (484.5kmph) and 331.15mph (532.9kmph).

SSC Tuatara has broken all the world record of fastest production cars. It has become now the world’s fastest car by attaining top speeds of 331.15 mph and 301.07mph in two opposite runs. On average, the car attained a max speed of 316mph.

SSC Tuatara hits 331.15mph (532.9kmph)

Earlier this record was owned by Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ which set a record speed of 304mph. Shelby SuperCars also known SSC deployed Tuatara along with race car driver Oliver Webb behind the wheels. The world record attempt was made on a straight highway just outside the Las Vegas. SSC Tuatara used non race fuel and and street tires.

SSC attempted the speed on 10th of October and made the public announcement on Monday, 19th October. SSC is going to produce only 100 examples of Tuatara and it has a cost of $1.9m.

SSC Tuatara on Public Highway sets a world record of 316mph

Oliver Webb did two opposite runs and clocked top speeds of 301.07mph and 331.15mph. With top speed of 331.15mph, SSC Tuatara also holds a world record of attaining highest speed ever on a public highway.

For the record, SSC Tuatara is powered by a 5.9L V8 twin turbo engine which deliver 1726 bhp. It has a very low drag coefficient of 0.279.

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