Bajaj CT 125X specs, features, price, and review

The newly launched Bajaj CT 125X is the bigger engine version of the CT 110X. The X-series of CT bikes are designed with practicality in mind. In terms of engine, power, and technology, the bike is similar to 125 cc commuter bikes from Bajaj. However, its body and frame are designed to make it rough and tough.

Bajaj CT 125X side profile Image source
Bajaj CT 125X side profile Image source: Bajaj Auto

Bajaj CT 125X – Engine, Transmission and Performance

It has a new 124.8cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. This engine produces a powerful 10.7 horsepower and 11 Nm of peak torque. It features a 5-speed gearbox with all-down upshift patterns. All of this is made possible by merging Bajaj’s exclusive DTS-I technology with SOHC. It operates wonderfully and is easy to use. When moving, the cyclist has a lot of low-end torque. The lower gearing of the 5-speed gearbox adds to its simplicity of use. Even with an adult pillion rider, the engine functions admirably. With its well-set gear ratios, it is possible to wander around the city all day.

Bajaj CT 125X fuel efficiency and top speed

The ARAI-claimed mileage of the Bajaj CT 125X is 65 km/l, with a peak speed of 97 km/h.

Bajaj CT 125X – Design

Bajaj CT 125X front
Bajaj CT 125X front

The 2022 Bajaj CT 125X has the classic look of the CT100, which is improved by adding stylish new elements throughout the body. The retro-looking daily commuter blends commuting comfort with a rugged appearance. The bike’s front styling is excellent; due to design elements, it looks bigger. However, because of the larger engine, it has larger dimensions. The front additionally has a tiny headlight cowl and a headlight cover. Bajaj sought to give it a neo-retro look by utilizing these components. It also features a gaiter kit for the front fork and a sizeable upright-set beak. A large belly pan and the addition of engine crash protection contribute to its rougher appearance.

The broad, wide seat could certainly accommodate two people comfortably. The luggage rack, which is standard, helps to reinforce the basic design at the back. Bajaj has experimented with an all-black look since the bulk of the bike’s components is coated in a matte black paint finish.

Bajaj CT 125X – Dimensions

The overall dimensions of the CT 125X are greater than those of the CT 110 bike. Because of the use of a larger engine and larger components, its overall size has been increased to allow for more space. However, based on rider seat observations, it seems sleek and nimble. Its 1285mm wheelbase also makes it simpler to manoeuvre through tight city traffic. The 810 mm seat height may not be acceptable to short riders only. Because of the sensibly constructed seat and large fuel tank, the CT 125X is suitable for riders of all sizes. The baggage carriers further increase the breadth of the bike. They are, nonetheless, quite useful for clients who have to handle a lot of weight and bags every day.

Bajaj CT 125X rear
Bajaj CT 125X rear

Bajaj CT 125X – Tyres, Wheels, and Brakes

Thanks to Bajaj, the CT 125X has bigger 17-inch tyres on both ends. The front tyre is 80/100-17 in size and breadth, while the rear tyre is 100/90-17. Both tyres are tubeless. Because bigger tyres are employed, the CT 125X performs well in terms of handling and ride quality. The CT 125X has drum brakes at the front and rear as standard. However, there is a costlier version also which has a disc brake at the front with single channel ABS.

Bajaj CT 125X – features

Bajaj has also included a reasonable amount of features. Customers receive a single-channel ABS, which adds to the CT 125X’s greater safety in hazardous environments. The instrument cluster is like the old one but it is now semi-digital. It gives information regarding engine status, battery, oil, temperature etc. Bajaj CT 125X now also features a USB charging port.

Bajaj CT 125X variants, price and rivals

The CT 125X is available in two trim levels: drum brake and disc brake. The drum brake variant is priced at Rs. 71354. For the disc brake variant, one has to pay 3200 rupees extra. i.e., it is priced at Rs. 74554. The disc brake variation has a disc brake exclusively on the front wheel. This motorbike is available in three eye-catching colour schemes: Ebony Black with Green decals, Ebony Black with Blue decals, and Ebony Black with Red decals. In terms of cost, it is relatively competitive compared to rivals like the TVS Radeon, Hero Glamour, Honda Shine, and Honda SP 125.

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