Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 really shoots like an arrow?

Husqvarna has started gaining recognition among Indian riders. It debuted in the Indian market in early last year. Since then, it has become quite popular. At least what its December 2020 sales tell us. Vitpilen, which means white arrow in Swedish, is a cafe-racer by design. Surely, Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is not for longer rides but it sure shoots like an arrow in the city or highway for that sake.

What does its design look like?

Vitpilen 250 resembles the basic riding position of the 1950’s cafe-racer. However, It is fully equipped and designed with modern engineering. With a short seat for a pillion, it gives you a feel of seating on a roller coaster, always thrilled with excitement. The White arrow or the Vitpilen looks smaller in size because of its short seat. On the other hand, the front disk brake looks bigger. It gives you a feel of a 1000cc bike. Thanks to its cafe-racer design, the rider is always dominant on the road. The bike always feels under control and puts you in an offensive riding position.

The bike is very unique in its design, at least in the Indian market. The Swedish bike manufacturer showcases a lot of brandings on the bike. From headlamp to mudguard you will find company’s badging everywhere on the bike.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 - LED DRL and LED Slim Turn Indicators
Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 – LED DRL and LED Slim Turn Indicators

The bike uses a traditional rounded headlamp, speedometer, and side mirrors. The new thing about the bike’s headlamp is its DRL. Vitpilen250’s slim LED turn indicators look very refreshing and stylish. From the Front bike looks stunning. But from the rear, it looks like a moped which is quite disappointing.

Vitpilen 250's small tyre and short seat gives a look of Moped from the rear.
Vitpilen 250’s small tyre and short seat gives a look of Moped from the rear.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 – Its Power and Performance

This cafe-racer borrows most of its ingredients from its sibling KTM Duke 250. Vitpilen 250 uses the same 248.8 cc engine as Duke 250 and gives similar power of 23kW. The engine is equipped with a 6-speed transmission and uses a mechanically operated anti-hopping clutch to transmit power to the wheels. The powder-coated steel trellis frame is also borrowed from the Duke 250. The cafe-racer is 17kg lighter than its sibling as it weighs only 152 kg. The steel trellis frame combined with up-side-down forks at the front and a mono-shock absorber make the bike more agile.

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Specs and features

  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Engine: 248.8 cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled
  • Brakes: Disc 320 mm (Front) & 230 mm (Rear)
  • Clutch: PASC™ anti-hopping clutch, mechanically operated
  • Ground Clearance: 145 mm
  • Tank Capacity: 9.5 l
  • Weight: 152 kg (dry)
  • ABS: Bosch 9.1MB
Husqvarna Vitpilen 250

Husqvarna Vitpilen 250 is currently available in the Indian market at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1.9 Lakh. It comes only in one variant and one color i.e., white.

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