Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is coming, spied testing in the UK

RE Himalayan 450 in disguise at a filling station in UK
RE Himalayan 450 in disguise at a filling station in UK Source: MCN

The Himalayan 450, which has recently been sighted in its clearest image yet – traveling from the UK – is a more sophisticated version of the popular ADV that Royal Enfield is producing. A more experienced group of riders will be drawn to the next bike, which will be built on a brand-new foundation.

Adventure purists in India and around the world have grown relatively fond of the Royal Enfield Himalayan brand. Why not, then? The Himalayan, which was introduced over five years ago, was one of the initial products that established standards in the Indian market’s entry-level adventure touring category.

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Royal Enfield had an advantage over competitors that weren’t producing off-road/adventure bikes due to its early debut, which made it easier for it to capture younger adventure aficionados. Five years later, Royal Enfield is back to work on the Himalayan 450, which has been detected in the clearest image yet en route from the UK. This time, Royal Enfield is creating a more advanced version of the Himalayan.

The forthcoming Himalayan 450 will be built on a brand-new platform designed for riders whose legs are partially submerged in the muck. The most recent spy photo has revealed some fresh information that indicates how serious the new Himalayan 450 will take things. The motorcycle’s rally-ride setup includes a high seat height, adventure-spec wire-spoke wheels (probably tubeless), oil-cooling, and more. The high ground clearance ranges from 220 mm to 240 mm.

It goes without saying that the 450cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine will be more powerful than the 411 cc engine now in use. Compared to the present 411cc unit, which likes to stress up very readily when given the beans, we anticipate that this powertrain will be substantially calmer and less buzzy.

The larger upside-down forks (a first for Royal Enfield) with ample travel and a sizable 21-inch front wheel give the new model an obvious advantage off-road. The prototype does not yet have a bash plate, but a finished machine might include one.

According to the modifications made to the prototype that was observed, it isn’t too far off from going into production. Hold off, though, as the bike won’t likely go on sale in India and other countries until early 2023. It may be positioned above the current model or it may replace it, but details won’t be determined until later.

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