Fuji International Speedway is now a Motorsport Forest

Fuji International Speedway Drone view
Fuji International Speedway Drone view

Originally maintained by Mitsubishi motors, Toyota acquired the Fuji International speedway in 2005. The Fuji Speedway is located in the remote region under mount Fuji. This makes it very difficult for visitors to reach and find a comfortable stay at the speedway. Toyota, the facility’s owner, wants to make Fuji Speedway a premier motorsports destination. It has converted the international circuit into a motorsports village that features a five-star hotel, a museum, and a garage. The garage is open to both racing teams and privateers where they can work on and improve their vehicles.

The Motorsport Forest at the Fuji International Speedway is developed in four sections

Fuji Speedway

The main attraction of Fuji Speedway is a 4,563-meter international racing track. The speedway also features kart tracks and short circuits for other types of motorsports. It is the best venue to watch the racing as well as play with vehicles. The 1.5-kilometer-long home straight is one of the longest in the world. It can be driven by tourists as part of the Racing Course Experience, which is highly recommended. Visitors are invited to stop by and check out this top-notch circuit.

Fuji Speedway Hotel / Fuji Motorsports Museum

Together with Hyatt, a brand-new 120-room hotel with 430,000 square feet will be built. For whatever it’s worth, it will be the country of Japan’s first “Unbound Collection” hotel. Additionally, it will have hotel-type amenities like banquet halls, conference rooms, a gym, and a swimming pool.

The Fuji Motorsports Museum will open on October 7, 2022. The previews of what visitors might anticipate can already be found online. This comprises the Toyota 2000GT, the Sunbeam Grand Prix, the Cisitalia Coupe, the Toyota 7, the Nissan R382, the Hino Contessa rally vehicle, and the Nissan R382. These vehicles are a reflection of performance on various circuits and in various races. These automobiles also showcase a spectrum of technology in each of their respective periods.

According to the website, the museum will showcase the fascinating narrative of automobile development. Motorsports have shaped and accelerated the development of automobiles. An exhibition of forty incredible racing automobiles allows viewers to view this history. The 130 years of motorsports history in all key locations throughout the globe are featured in the Fuji Motorsport Museum. Through moving stories from the lives of the most significant figures in racing, the display aims to fully immerse viewers in the world of motorsports.

The Fuji Automobile Museum website states that numerous international auto races, whether they be on roads, off roads, or multi-surfaces, with rallies that demand exceptional driving ability, instantaneous speed, navigational accuracy over challenging terrain, as well as endurance, served as a test bench to assess a vehicle’s durability and fuel efficiency.

Racing Team Garage Area

Visitors can take advantage of exclusive garage tours of professional racing teams, which are often off limits to the general public, as well as activities at manufacturer factories, in this section. Both adults and kids who love cars will cherish the chance to observe drivers, engineers, and mechanics up close.


Spas and restaurants that guests may stop by and enjoy on their way back from surrounding tourist destinations are now being planned. The intention of Forest is to provide a location where guests can unwind while simultaneously taking in the mobility and racing experience.

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