2022 Kawasaki Z H2 specs, features, models, and price

Kawasaki’s legacy of creating motorcycles that have unrivaled performance excitement and Sugomi styling continues with the flagship model of the Kawasaki Z line of naked motorcycles the 2022 Kawasaki Z H2 supercharged hyper naked.

2022 Kawasaki Z h2 SE Image Credit: Kawasaki

The next level super naked has arrived. The new Z H2 SE is boosted by a unique Kawasaki supercharger technology featuring new dedicated features delivering unmatched performance new shocker with electronic suspension, with skyhook technology Brembo brake calipers from the H2 series, plus new color and graphics combined to boost your emotions beyond limits. Supercharge the 2022 Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE hyper-naked motorcycles are making their return to the streets in 2022. Offering the same unmatched powerful technology and unique features as their predecessors. The Z H2 SE enters the hyper-naked market offering the same great features that come standard on the Z H2.

2022 Kawasaki Z H2 – The Design

2022 Kawasaki Z H2 the bare facts kicking sand in the face of all other naked machines. The Kawasaki Z H2 and its equally sinewy sibling the Z H2 SE are products of a manufacturer at the forefront of the trend for stripped-back naked machines. But Kawasaki has a trump card in the leader class segment of this popular style of machine. A 100% in-house designed and manufactured integrated supercharger calling on the skills of its aerospace and gas turbine divisions.

Kawasaki has created a unique range of forced induction machines with super sports, sports touring, and in the case of the Z models super naked. Focus key to the essential lure of the Z H2 concept is the use of a balanced supercharger application prioritizing low and especially mid-range pulling power without completely sacrificing that essential Kawasaki top-end rush.

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2022 Kawasaki Z H2 The dashboard

The two 998cc super naked models in the 2022 range are impressively specified. Sugomi styling dominates making an unapologetic statement where engineering qualities are matched by styling features allied to this. The rider environment is equally impressive featuring fat-type tubular handlebars a large color TFT meter panel with a variety of settings plus the ability to pair with the rider’s smartphone and interact with the latest updated version of Kawasaki’s radiology app.

The motor is linked to a six-speed transmission that benefits from an assist and a slipper clutch. The gearbox also features a bi-directional quick shifter. Kawasaki claims that the supercharged engines pack ample power and easy-to-manage power delivery.

The trellis-type chassis will be familiar to Ninja H2 fans but subtleties such as the twin-spar swinging arm illustrate just how the creation of these dominant super naked was fine-tuned to suit the style of riding and performance envelope. They would be operated within rider aids abound with up-down quick shifters, integrated braking, switchable launch control, three-mode traction control power modes, and even electronic cruise control showing that the seductive raw looks belie a refined rider-friendly personality.

LED headlamps and ancillary lighting throughout illuminate what lays ahead while Brembo 4.32 monoblock calipers ensure controlled and predictable stopping while the assist and slipper clutch facilitates slick-down changes for those seeking the ultimate in naked satisfaction. The SE model offers a degree of temptation that for many will be hard to resist. Kawasaki’s keck’s electronically damped suspension is the standout feature of the SE model, offering Showa’s kaiho technology whereby the attitude of the machine remains stable as the road undulates and the suspension reacts updating itself thousands of times per second.

Additionally, the Z H2 SE’s higher-spec Brembo front brake package includes Stelima monoblock calipers and a Brembo radial-pump front master cylinder offering stronger braking performance and enhanced control. The final touch is a special graphics package that sets the SE model apart from not just the standard Z H2 but all other super naked machines in the category. There is a choice in the upper echelons of the naked class and an array of machines on offer. So it’s reassuring that once the bare facts are considered, the Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE standalone is dominant, desirable, and truly unique.

All new 2022 Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE only new colors update for the compressor naked in line with the existing model portfolio. Kawasaki is making little changes to the bare compressor torches Z H2 and Z H2 SE for the model year 2022. If you see the Z H2 SE of the model years 2021 and 2022 standing next to each other at the trusted Kawasaki dealer you have to look carefully to distinguish them.

2022 Kawasaki Z H2 SE

2022 Kawasaki Z H2 in green

The compressor kawa remains unchanged 200 horsepower from 998cc 134 Nm thanks to the compressor. Even the color is the same golden blazed green. Metallic diablo black is the name of the SE color scheme in both model years Kawasaki Z H2 2022. The basic Z differs from the SE mainly in the lack of a semi-active chassis and the smaller Brembo system m 4.32 at the front instead of the Stelima calipers. The frame and the drive are identical. The changed hardware reduces the price of the Z H2 to the SE by $2200 to $18000. The second available paint variant of the Z H2 has become cheaper metallic graphite gray. In 2022, Kawasaki leaves it with changes to the colors of the Z H2 for 2022. The SE remains even completely unchanged.

Exclusive Features of Kawasaki Z H2 SE

The next level Z H2 SE hyper naked combines the balanced supercharged engine with premium components including Kawasaki electronic control suspension (KECS) with Showa skyhook era technology and Brembos Stylema monobloc calipers based on the incredible Z H2. The Z H2 SE retains the ultimate combination of outright power and performance from the standard model but adds KECS Kawasaki electronic control suspension with Showa’s skyhook technology that makes adjustments for road conditions in real-time to deliver both suppleness ride comfort and firmness sport riding for a smoother ride plus Brembos Stylema front brake components that add to even greater stopping power.

2022 Kawasaki Z H2 in black

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2022 Kawasaki Z H2 & Z H2 SE – Price

The Prices in the UK start from 16099 pounds as of right now so that’s January 2022 and the performance edition of the base model is 17199 pounds while in the US the price starts at $18,000 for Z H2 and $20,200 for Z H2 SE.

Kawasaki Z H2 is a superbike available at a starting price of Rs. 21,90,000 in India. It is available in 2 variants and 2 colors with a top variant price starting from Rs. 25,90,000. The Kawasaki Z H2 is powered by a 998cc BS6 engine which develops a power of 197.26 bhp and a torque of 137 Nm. With both front and rear disc brakes, Kawasaki Z H2 comes up with an anti-locking braking system. This Z H2 bike weighs 239 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 19 liters.

Kawasaki Z H2 Vs Ducati Streetfighter V4 Vs Triumph Street Triple 1200 Vs Yamaha MT-10

Kawasaki Z H2 got a 998 cc powerhouse, a supercharged unit that got forced induction. What makes this bike special is it produces 197horsepower at 11000 rpm and 137 Nm of torque at 8500rpm. You’ve got loads of power even from low down. It pulls all the way up nicely.

If we look at the competition in the sort of around the 200 brake horsepower source super naked category. So it’s packed to the big players in that category. We’ve got the new Ducati Streetfighter V4, Triumph Speed Tripple 1200, and MT-10 SP from Yamaha. Streetfighter V4 got 208 horsepower. So it’s got around about 8 horsepower more than the Z H2 comes in at the base price of is $19,995. Then we have a Triumph Speed Triple 1200 which is less powerful than the Kawasaki’s hyper naked. Speed Triple 1200 produces 177 horsepower. But in terms of price, it is $500 costlier than Z H2 and comes at $18500. Another hyper naked which is in a direct fight with the 2022 Kawasaki Z H2 is the Yamaha MT-10. MT-10 produces 165HP and a peak torque of 112Nm which is almost 35HP less than Z H2. The only thing in which MT-10 competes with Kawasaki’s Z H2 is the price. MT-10 is available at a base price of $13,999.

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